More About Me

I am living the dream!

I was born in Florida but my family moved to the Midwest where I spent most of my life in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  In 2014 my husband and I realized our dream to get out of the cold and I moved back to Florida.  My goal is to live life to its fullest potential and serve the people/community in which I live.  I am blessed to be able to do this in a unique and incredible area and would be honored to help find your ideal lifestyle in a home in S.W. Florida so you can start living your dream!

I love the weather, the lifestyle and have immersed myself in Florida.  Charlotte County, in particular not only has an amazing climate but endless opportunities to explore nature in our more than 50 parks, beaches, fresh and salt waters.  Florida is more than just dreamy weather and stunning beaches it is alive!  My appreciation and awe for the incredible environment has grown through classes with the Florida Master Naturalist program.  It has been exciting to learn more about the diverse and often times unique environments that allow the birds, animals and fish to thrive in our community.  I am passionate about protecting our environment to preserve Florida’s wildlife for future generations and in particular protecting our waters.  I am involved with the Manchester Waterway Civic Association whose mission is to rehabilitate, enhance and reclaim the Manchester Waterway to a navigable condition with all the environmental qualities and benefits to the public that utilize this waterway.

I enjoy kayaking and slipping into solitude to watch our amazing birds, see the abundance of fish in our waterways and if I am lucky, to see an alligator swim past.  I also enjoy cooking and eating, so living in this area with all its great restaurants, farmers markets and access to fresh seafood is a culinary delight!

I have had the privilege to serve on the Charlotte County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.  Another area of service has been working with the Harry Chapin Food bank through my Church.  Harry Chapin and its partners provide much needed food assistance to disadvantaged families and seniors.  Charlotte County is a loving, giving community and if you have an interest or desire there is a volunteer opportunity for you!  The first step is to let me help you find your dream home.